An aerial photograph of terraced agriculture. Food is grown in stepped areas that hug the contours of the hillside. The food growing area is surrounded by abundant, tropical trees.


S3F with Tsáchilas leaders

We Band Together

We lead resistance to new agribusiness projects in development banks’ pipelines. We educate on why industrial animal agriculture is not compatible with Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, and the banks’ own policies. We engage banks to urge them to exclude finance of factory farming as part of their global accountability, climate and biodiversity commitments.

We’re a Diverse Coalition

We are the Bank Information Center, Friends of the Earth U.S., Global Forest Coalition, International Accountability Project, Sinergia Animal, and World Animal Projection—and a growing coalition of over 25 members. We work with local partners and affected communities to document and redress the harmful impacts of industrial livestock and feedstock production. We share expertise and on-the-ground knowledge to end unsustainable finance and promote alternatives.

We’re Making Progress

Our victories include working with 285 civil society organizations around the world to successfully pressure the Inter-American Development Bank to drop a 200 million USD loan to Marfrig Global Foods, a beef giant with a track record of corrupt practices, failed commitments, and illegal deforestation in the Amazon and Cerrado. Our coalition has engaged the Banks on numerous harmful projects in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. For more on our activities, see the timeline and updates below.

We Can’t Do It Alone

To put an end to the billions in funding by Development Banks to industrial farms, we continue to build alliances and amplify voices from the Global South in development finance policy spaces. The six organizations on the steering committee of this campaign are collaborating with Southern colleagues across the world. Please join us.

Join Our Campaign

If we stop feeding funds to energy-intensive industrial livestock production and shift toward sustainable farming, we can reduce environmental harm and build greater resilience to climate shocks. It will also improve the lives of women and marginalized communities, prevent future pandemics, and reduce the suffering of farm animals. The world cannot solve our biggest challenges unless we stop financing the expansion of factory farming. Join arms with us as we investigate, educate, advocate, and campaign to stop the flow of public development funding to factory farming.


Our leadership

Led by six Steering Committee members. We combine expertise across human rights, social and environmental justice, and animal protection.



Our network members and supporters work across countries and contexts. Together we are more than 25 organisations, including:

A brief History


Coalition is founded by Global Forest Coalition, Friends of the Earth US, Sinergia Animal, and Feedback Global.

May 2021

Local groups in Ecuador and international allies oppose a loan by the IFC to intensive pig and poultry producer Pronaca.

June 2021

Despite opposition, the IFC approve the Pronaca loan.

October 2021

Stop Financing Factory Farming oppose a new loan proposed by IDB Invest to Marfrig, one of the world’s largest beef companies.

November 2021

The Marfrig loan is delayed, thanks to civil society pressure.

February 2022

IDB Invest loan to Marfrig is cancelled. The campaign celebrates its first significant victory!

May 2022

We oppose an IFC loan to Louis Dreyfus Company, one of the world’s largest soy and grain traders.

July 2022

Campaign pressure on the IFC secures a review of its global agricultural investment portfolio. Unfortunately, the controversial LDC loan is approved.

October 2022

Campaign partners meet with IFC and host an educational panel event at the World Bank Annual Meetings.

July 2023

First in-person meeting in Ecuador for the Steering Committee, Ecuadorian campaign allies, and the Tsachilas indigenous communities.

September 2023

Formal complaint about Pronaca case filed with the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). First meeting held with the MICI to start the complaint process.

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