Financial Institutions in Animal Welfare and Food Systems (April 2024)

Stop Financing Factory Farming
10th April '24

International animal protection NGO Sinergia Animal has released a report titled “Beyond Profits: Global Review of Financial Institutions in Animal Welfare and Food Systems.” The study provides a comprehensive analysis of 80 financial institutions across 22 countries, exposing significant deficiencies in the financial sector’s commitment to animal welfare and sustainable food systems. 

Key findings from the global assessment highlight a concerning trend: just 10% of the evaluated financial institutions have policies to divest from animal cruelty practices and promote plant-based alternatives. More than half of the banks received a score of 0 and had no policies on animal welfare and plant-based transitions.

With this campaign, we highlight the important role of financial institutions in facilitating positive change. Financing companies in the food industry that don’t change their supply chains to eliminate the cruelest practices against animals contradicts the positive policies that Rabobank has in place. Having a good policy is not enough—banks must also ensure they are implemented.

Merel van der Mark, head of the Animal Welfare and Finance Program, Sinergia Animal

Read more at Sinergia Animal’s Banks for Animals website or download the report below.

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