Letter to IFC: Guangxi Yangxiang (GXYX), China (May 2023)

Stop Financing Factory Farming
24th May '23
Many pigs kept in small cages in an industrial pig farm, Taiwan. The pig in the centre of the image has its mouth open, in an expression of pain or hunger
Pigs in a newly built industrial pig farm, Taiwan

Members and allies of Stop Financing Factory Farming wrote to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), raising concerns about Project 46874, a proposed loan to Chinese company Guangxi Yangxiang (GXYX) for four multi-storey pig farms and a feed mill.

IFC’s website states that GXYX complies with pig welfare guidelines from the World Organisation for Animal Health. However, IFC does not provide any evidence to support this claim, such as information from assessments of GXYX’s animal welfare practices.

The publicly disclosed information about the loan fail to demonstrate that the IFC has upheld its own commitments to due diligence, climate action, and its Performance Standards.

We urged IFC not to proceed with the proposed loan.

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