IFC response letter: Louis Dreyfus Company (June 2022)

Stop Financing Factory Farming
7th June '22

This letter sent by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a response to the S3F’s letter of May 2022, setting out concerns related to IFC’s financing of Louis Dreyfus Company Brasil S.A. (LDC Brazil).

IFC states that, particularly related to the ability of agribusiness companies to monitor compliance in their supply chains, they have been very selective with its financing to the agricultural sector in Brazil.

It is also declared that IFC believes the proposed engagement would significantly improve accountability in LDC’s supply chain regarding deforestation and the preservation of natural habitat, as well as good agricultural and labor practices.

IFC concludes that the proposed project as centered on improving traceability and accountability regarding deforestation and loss of high conservation value natural vegetation in LDC’s supply chain in Brazil.

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