Letter to IFC: Pronaca, Ecuador (April 2021)

Stop Financing Factory Farming
16th April '21
An aerial view of Pronaca intensive pork operations in Ecuador. The image shows forests and fields surrounding 5 large industrial farming compounds.
An aerial view of Pronaca intensive pork operations in Ecuador

This was the first letter sent by coalition members to oppose development finance support of the expansion of agribusiness giant Pronaca, in Ecuador.

The Pronaca Covid project was for a USD 50 million investment for capacity expansion of the company’s pork and poultry farms and processing facilities, as well as its feed mills, located in Ecuador.

Prior to 2021, Pronaca was already the subject of an accountability complaint by impacted communities for polluting local water sources, impacting soil and air quality, and having negative environmental impact on a protected forest. The company also continues to operate without legal permits (environmental licenses) for all of its farms and processing plants.

Download and read the April 2021 letter below, and read more about the action here.

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