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Help us challenge factory farming projects. Pressure the banks to invest in better. Create a video on social media. Join our coalition.


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In April 2024, we will deliver a strong and clear message to the World Bank during its meetings in Washington, DC. Sign the petition to help us grow a voice they can’t ignore.

Many pigs kept in small cages in an industrial pig farm, Taiwan. The pig in the centre of the image has its mouth open, in an expression of pain or hunger

Investigate and Oppose

Are you affected by a new or proposed factory farming project? Do you have thoughts, resources, or evidence to share?

We are sourcing information on the impacts of new and proposed factory farming projects in the development bank financing pipeline. Help us dig up the facts and expose the truth.

You can lead local resistance campaigns to stop harmful projects with the help of our resources. Get in touch to access them.

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A newly rescued hen is standing in the sun at a sanctuary on the day of her rescue.


Are you ready to engage multinational development banks, who for too long have faced too little accountability?

Start urging banks to lend money in line with their own commitments. They have acknowledged the risks of funding factory farms for climate change, and other impacts. Now it’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is.

Governments run the development banks. Contact your local policymakers and politicians to tell them enough is enough.

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Expose and highlight the impacts of factory farming. Share with the world how industrial agriculture impacts our homes and communities!

Or, build support to stop financial flows to industrial agriculture. Make a post, link to an article or video, and share the cause with your network.

Follow us, comment, share, and build the awareness needed to create change.

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